Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue – Disney’s Fort Wilderness Lodge

Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue

Join the party if:

  • You enjoy foot-stompin’
  • You like classy corny jokes
  • You goin’ straight to the Wild Wild West

Don’t answer the supper bell if:

  • You roll your eyes at audience participation
  • You don’t know how to share
  • You’re on a diet

Disney has a glorified version of everything.  Fort Wilderness is Disney’s glorified version of a trailer park.  But really, if you had to be in a trailer park, it may as well be at Disney.  How do you class up a trailer park?  Theme it like an old western campground!  Feature a toe-tappin’ dinner show, and you’ve got yourself the Hoop Dee Doo Revue!

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I tried to dress appropriately for dinner.

Charlie may have missed the mark with his Raiders hat.

Charlie may have missed the mark with his Raiders hat.

You’re ushered into a log cabin style mess hall.

A cast of four silly performers start dancing and singing on stage and you begin to wonder whether dinner theater was a good decision.  But, their voices are pretty good, they never break character, and all the kids in the room are way into it… so you let your guard down a little.  All of a sudden, you’re laughing.  Then you decide “why not” and begin hootin’ and hollerin’ (ma’am, can you keep it down?).


You’re reading that correctly.  Alcohol is included in the all-you-can eat extravaganza.  Now everyone is really having a good time.

All the foods

All the foods



As the on-stage singing continues, people start coming out and dropping buckets of chicken and ribs on the table.  Then there’s corn, beans, and mashed potatoes.  As you eat, it keeps coming. There is no end to the food.

Our new friends include two Disney cast members who were able to book our show for $40 instead of the usual $70+.  That makes a big difference in whether I would recommend this to everyone. Depends on how many light Chardonnays you can wash down your ribs with.

New Friends Ashley and Charles

New Friends Ashley and Charles

New Friends Sarah and Dave

New Friends Sarah and Dave

When you think the song and dance might be over, they step it up a notch for dessert.


A Literal Strawberry Shortcake Song and Dance.


Charlie's washboard

Charlie’s washboard

Sarah spooning

Sarah spooning

Then they hand out washboards to play.


After dinner, we took a walk through the trailer park where people had decorated their trailers for Christmas.  Then Ashley decided the six of us should walk through camp grounds in the dark to find the bat cave.

The story goes that this part of Disney property was heavily wooded and had a lot of bats.  Because these are campgrounds and trailer parks, the bats were bothering the guests and making nests in their trailers.  So, Disney decided to build a house where the bats could live for free.

As we started alone down the path, the way all good scary movies begin, we wondered who would be the first to go. Probably one of the girls in pigtails.  Eventually, we happened upon the bat house:

Picture Credit: Charlie

Picture Credit: Charlie

We were all starting to feel a little creeped out.  As if on que, there was a loud bang that lit up the sky.  It was only fireworks from across the lake.  There’s no scary movies at Disney.

Farther on our walk, we came across a campfire singalong!


Chip and Dale were the hosts!  Do you know the difference between them?  It’s all in the nose – Chip has a cute little black nose and Dale has a giant red honker.


If we hadn’t just eaten so much, we would have bought a $10 s’mores kit.  Instead we sang kumbaya and called it a night.

Grade: A-


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