Best Friend’s Pet Care

visit if you like:

  • pooping
  • peeing
  • barking
  • doggies
  • not being sure if your family has left you forever and is never ever coming back

don’t come if you like:

  • quiet
  • chocolate
  • freedom
  • snakes

hi.  i’m mArLO.  my mom said that i could write a post because i wuz the one who had my very own dizney vacation at best friend’s pet care.  she and daddy sent me here so they could go away for the weekend and sometimes i’m mean and bite other doggies so no one else could watch me.

they never told me where i was going.  well, maybe they did but i’m very forgetful.  when i saw the building i was really really really really really really really really excited to go inside.  but as soon as i got inside i screamed wtf and started shaking.  i made my mommy hold me.  all the doggies reminded me of the vet and i thought i might get poked.  then a really nice lady took me away and put me in a cage.  it was nice, though.  it had two rooms.  my mommy came back to say goodbye but i didn’t want her to leave.  she looked sad to leave me too.  i think she cried.


they gave me two walks a day and fed me my yummies.  they let me play with my triceratops but i was too distracted by all the other doggies everywhere.  when my grandma called midday to check on me they said i was very busy watching and studying everyone and everything.  then they took me out of my cage and i saw daddy!  he only said hello for 5 minutes but i was happy that he knew where i was.


before bedtime i had a biscuit turn down service.  i was jealous because some other doggies had really big suites with flat screen tvs and a webcam for their parents to see them.  i didn’t get to go there.  my parents are @**holes.  they should have spent $100+/night for me to have the royal treatment.  i was a good puppy anyway.  you can tell by my report card!

They forgot to write A+

They forgot to write A+

my mommy and daddy picked me up after i spent the whole night all by myself.  next time maybe they’ll take me on tower of terror.



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