Pizza Planet – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Before your space journey, re-energize yourself with a slice of pepperoni, now boarding at counter three.

Blast into space if:

  • Pixar gets you
  • Personal pan pepperoni pizza pleases you
  • You aren’t afraid of “the claw”

Remain on Earth if:

  • You have time to eat at a restaurant
  • The words “Buzz” and “Woody” make you giggle
  • What’s Toy Story?


If you’re a Toy Story fan, you’ve always wanted to go to Pizza Planet and see “the claw.”  Spoiler alert: they don’t have one.  “Oooooooooo….The claw is our master…it chooses who will go and who will stay…the claw, it moves…farewell my friends, I go on to a better place!”

Pizza Planet is the perfectly synergistic attraction Disney is always looking for.  Disney’s Hollywood Studios is all about bringing movies to life, and they did a great job theming the Pizza parlor from Toy Story.  A pizza-only quick service doesn’t go with Disney’s new healthy initiative.  I’ve actually been quite impressed with the selections from quick service locations.  But people like pizza.  Kids like pizza.  If only there was a planet of pizza…


The solution for the “healthy” problem is to serve a cup of Caesar salad with every pizza purchase.  All the pizzas are personal pan style.  We got the meat and the veggie and they were delicious!  The Hollywood Studios has a bunch of great sit down restaurants, but if you need something fast and it’s your cheat day, pick up a pizza.

Grade: B+


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