Spice Road Table – Epcot (Morocco)

Come and mingle if:

  • You like to eat outside
  • Hummus is your other lover
  • You’re looking for a mish-mash of middle eastern-ish food

Be a loner if:

  • You expect all Moroccan food at a Moroccan restaurant
  • Falafel by any other name stresses you out
  • You are impatient with wait staff

When a world traveler comes to visit, it’s quite difficult to pick one spot for dinner.  Alana has traveled around the globe.  She has spent weeks in India and lived in France and south Sudan.  Yes, Sudan!  I couldn’t let her go to any old Epcot restaurant, so I tried to pick the most delicious and interesting place – Spice Road Table in the Morocco pavilion won.

Beautiful Ambiance

Beautiful Ambiance

A relatively new restaurant, Spice Road Table has lots of small plates, a large cocktail menu, and really pretty outdoor views of the lagoon.  Everything was going well until we entered the restaurant.  It was a really cold day (seriously – like 60 degrees.  It was blizzarding in New York).  Fortunately, the restaurant had a ton of beautiful fire lanterns everywhere…except for the table we were led to.  We asked to sit at a table with heat, so we moved to a table with two heat lamps.  After pushing the button on the first one, the lamp did not ignite and the hostess promptly announced that it was out of gas.  After the second one had been lit for a few minutes, we notified her that it wasn’t feeling hot.  “What do you want me to do about it?” she asked.  Stunned with this answer, we mumbled “nothing.” and waited for it to warm up, which it did a bit.

I should mention that as we were leaving, the lamp that was “out of gas” was turned on by a different waiter, who didn’t seem to have any problem with it.

The peace only lasted a second before Alana started reading the menu.  “Where’s the couscous?”  Alana demanded.  “food so nice, they named it twice!” Jeff smirked.  “Brie?!”  Alana screamed, “there’s no BRIE in Morocco!!”  “I mean, Morocco is in the Maghreb…that’s french.”  Charlie reasoned.  After 10 minutes of outrage Alana and her boyfriend Steve ordered the fish…and the brie.

Perfectly cooked rare tuna

Perfectly cooked rare tuna (brie not pictured)

Lamb sliders with "hummus fries"

Lamb sliders with “hummus fries”

The food was perfect, as expected from a Disney restaurant.  One of the nice surprises was the “hummus fries.”  These were listed all over the menu and sounded, frankly, gross.  We all pictured mushy fries with hummus dumped all over them.  Instead, these “fries” were rectangular shaped falafel!

Falafel pleased Alana quite a bit and all was forgiven from the brie debacle.

Skewers with rosemary potatoes

Skewers with rosemary potatoes

Lamb sausage

Lamb sausage

Vegetable platter with couscous, baba, and grape leaves

Vegetable platter with couscous, baba, and grape leaves

If you’re ever in Morocco and have a chance to try casa beer, Charlie highly recommends it.  Of course, it’s the ONLY Moroccan beer you can get in the US.  They were actually out of it.  There was a mixture of Italian and Spanish wine and sangria on our table.

Moroccan Cheers!

Moroccan Cheers!

Although the “Moroccan-ness” of the restaurant was about as authentic as the Epcot ball, at least we had a view of said ball.


Grade: A-


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